Cardiff Bus to carry out environmental upgrades to fleet

Cardiff Bus has been successful in gaining funding to retrofit 20 of its vehicles, in a bid to make them cleaner and greener as part of its wider investment in to reducing its carbon footprint.

As part of Cardiff Council’s Clean Air Project, the Clean Bus Retrofit Scheme aims to tackle air quality issues in the capital. Cardiff Bus took part in the bid for grant funding which will enable them to upgrade 20 of their enviro200 buses from Euro V emission standards, with 80% of the cost being funded by the scheme and the remaining 20% being covered by Cardiff Bus. After completion, these buses will operate at Euro VI emissions standards, currently the cleanest diesel technology available.

Euro VI engines are a critical step in achieving emission standards, by significantly reducing both Nitrogen Dioxide (NOX) and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions. Recent work by Public Health Wales estimates that the equivalent of over 220 deaths each year among people aged 30 and over, in the Cardiff and Vale Health Board area, can be attributed to NOX pollution, with many more citizens suffering ill health as a consequence of poor air quality.

Bus travel is proven to be a greener mode of travel, accounting for only 6% of emissions in comparison to cars which account for 71%. In addition, bus travel alleviates pressure on roads during peak times, with one bus replacing between and 30 and 40 cars on the road. This upgraded engine technology being adopted by Cardiff Bus will make further advancements towards tackling air pollution in Cardiff and providing greener transport in the city centre.

David Conway, Service Delivery Director: “We are delighted to have been successful in our bid for the Clean Bus Retrofit Scheme funding. Cardiff Council and the Welsh Government have been instrumental in tackling air pollution in the city and this scheme is going to allow us to make our own contribution towards improving Cardiff’s air quality.

“The benefits of travelling by bus as opposed to car are becoming increasingly evident, not only for improving the health of the city’s residents but it is also a safer and cheaper mode of transport.

“Being a part of the scheme is an extension of our ongoing investment into greener buses and we can’t wait for these upgraded vehicles to be on the road later this year.

“Now really is the time for everyone to consider how we move around our city. Our buses are clean, safe, and green and are a truly credible option.  We all need to reconsider what we do to improve our communities for everyone.”

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