Cardiff family install UK’s first cutting-edge solar panel technology

A Cardiff family have become the first British owners of new cutting-edge solar panel battery.
The Tesla Powerwall is a ground-breaking solar panel battery.

Now, Mark Kerr, of St Mary’s Court, Ely, is to save 80% on his energy bills thanks to his new Tesla Powerwall.

Tesla’s breakthrough product allows solar panel users to store excess energy while they are away from home.

It means Mark, 43, can save upwards of £100 a month.

A solution to daytime wasted energy

Like many other solar panel owners, Mark’s family had previously wasted energy during the day. Both Mark and his partner Lyndsey work 9-5 jobs, while his two teenager daughters would be out at school.

While the excess was fed into the national grid in return for a monthly return, Mark felt that his investment in renewables was going to waste.

But thanks to his own expertise as an electrician, and a love for all things technical, Mark jumped at the opportunity to become the first owner of a Tesla Powerwall – which charges and stores the family’s excess power.

‘Amazing product’

Energy produced by Mark’s 16 solar panels will now be used to provide them with the energy to power their plethora of electrical devices, ranging from the washing machine all the way through to his daughter’s iPad.

“It’s amazing to have the first fully functional Tesla in the country, it’s an amazing product,” Mark said.

“I’ve had solar panels on the roof for a year now, and already I’ve been saving around 20 per cent on my bills, and that’s before I see a return from feeding my excess power back into the grid.

“But I couldn’t save anymore because we are away during the day, so its a really useful way to cut costs.”

‘Saving 80 per cent on my bills’

After Mark had solar fitted by Port Talbot’s clean energy company Solar Plants last year, he was so impressed with the product that he recommended them to his friends and clients.

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“In turn, he quickly turned into the company’s number one customer.

“I recommended Solar Edge and Solar Plants to a lot of my friends, so I think I was rather popular with them, and this was a reward for that. It’s a really clever system and based on my own calculations I think I’ll be saving 80% on my bills a month – so it will have paid for itself in six or seven years.”

International success

Talking about the products appeal in the future, Mark said the Tesla device was a breakthrough in solar innovation, and[nbsp_tc]was already proving to be a huge hit in Germany and America.

“The German and American market has exploded for this battery-type product, so will it catch on in the UK? It’s a no brainer.

“People are now thinking of their renewable energy like their smart technology.

“It’s like an iPhone and an iWatch.

“We’re now thinking, how can I enhance this?”