Looking Good Dead at New Theatre Cardiff review

The world premiere stage production of Looking Good Dead is showing all this week at the New Theatre, Cardiff and audiences won’t be left disappointed.

Based on the book by the multi-million number 1 best-selling author Peter James, the thrilling Roy Grace series has been transformed into a gripping on stage performance.

Audiences will find themselves on the edge of their seats, as this thriller is full of twists and turns around every corner. There isn’t anything like a cut to black to snap you back to attention, and this performance is full of them. With a stage setting that draws you in to every scene the production team and other creatives have really considered even the smallest of details.

They say ‘No good deed goes unpunished’ and hours after picking up a USB memory stick that was left behind on the seat of a train, to try and return it to its owner, Tom Bryce inadvertently becomes a witness to a vicious murder. Reporting the crime to the police has disastrous consequences, placing him and his family in grave danger. When Detective Superintendent Roy Grace becomes involved, he has his own demons to contend with, while he tries to crack the case in time to save the Bryce family’s lives.

Looking Good Dead

Starring Adam Woodyatt as Tom Bryce, with Gaynor Faye (Emmerdale, Coronation Street, The Syndicate) starring as Kellie Bryce and Harry Long playing Roy Grace.

As you might expect from an award-winning cast, they really pull in the audience and not just in ticket sales either. The entire cast will leave you hanging on every single word and action.

The cast is completed by Ian Houghton (Jonus Kent), Leon Stewart (Glenn Branson), Gemma Stroyan (Bella May), Luke Ward- Wilkinson (Max Bryce), Mylo McDonald (Mick), Natalie Boakye (Janie).

Writer Shaun McKenna has done a remarkable job at transferring the same thrills that one would get from reading the Roy Grace series. There are scenes that are quite chilling, dark in fact, but these are carefully off-set with well-balanced humour throughout.  The story beats are quite poignant and spaced out well enough to keep you engaged to the bitter end.

Looking Good Dead comes to the New Theatre, Cardiff, from 28 November – Saturday 2 October, with tickets from £18 available at https://newtheatrecardiff.co.uk/

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